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I'm Joash.

1E3'04, 2E3'05, 3E2'06, 4E2'07

Ngee Ann Poly - Accountancy
born on 26 nov..


loves gyming, NUM tanks!


NewUrbanMale.Com Ambassador

Feel free to add me on msn or friendster @ i_love_u_he_he@hotmail.com

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  • Monday, January 25, 2010!
    HandWritten on; 10:22 PM

    my bro.. in the past, i used to disagree strongly with you about a remark you made.. but now, i couldn't agree more..

    symptoms of jealousy:

    things will first started when one starts to see another as a rival.. slowly, one will have many "mini competitions" within so as to appear to be more superior than another.. and that one may resort to backstabbing and distorting facts..

    just saw it from a website...

    if you want to backstab, do it in my face -.-

    Saturday, December 12, 2009!
    HandWritten on; 11:18 PM

    hello people.. now im at mac studying cost accounting.. super F up module.. v difficult.. anyway, study hard guys! exams will be over in a blink of eye! =)

    Thursday, November 19, 2009!
    HandWritten on; 1:34 AM

    yo people..join the idare..
    you can see the details from the pictures..
    their booth is at block 72 lobby.. near the fountain..
    Also, help to spread around this wonderful event of the year!

    Sunday, October 25, 2009!
    HandWritten on; 1:38 AM

    well well well
    school for the first week is kind of busy for me!
    presentations and an assignment that i have to hand up by sunday 2359hrs..
    hmmm and i only did the home page.. wow..
    guess the whole day will be mugging at home and maybe gym..
    shall train BACK and DEADlift!
    life's mundane.. and somethings are back to normal
    all i can say it is something good But i don't know how to go about it!
    well.. complicated eh! hahaha

    Tuesday, October 20, 2009!
    HandWritten on; 10:44 PM

    haha! 愛就宅一起
    miss that show.. bring back memories!
    make me envy those taiwan love story.
    anyway, school have been great the past few days..
    monday, the art and design teacher is great, she is really funny and keep talking about sex.. -.-
    well, today lecture is as usual.. Tax felt really boring..
    Perhaps, it would be more interesting if it involves slightly more thinking..
    on a lighter note, FIT interests me a lot!
    hope i can really score well this sem and i also had a new study plan!
    ciao guys!

    HandWritten on; 1:46 AM

    Sunday, October 11, 2009!
    HandWritten on; 12:16 AM

    Friday, October 09, 2009!
    HandWritten on; 3:01 AM

    well people people people.. sorry for being away for such a long time.. been real busy yeah!
    wondering what is that picture above about?
    if u are guessing about genting, you are right!
    i'm going to genting on the 14 to 16 with cliquey!
    our first overseas outing.. bet it will be v memorable to all of us!
    can't wait to have fun with u guys there!

    life have been quite mundane for me recently...
    latenights stayovers movies gym work & catching up with friends
    that is all i have been doing the past few weeks yo!
    will update more frequent..